Bright Wilson, Chief Executive Officer

I have been a fashionista for over 20 years, working with a wide range of top designers  and leading retailers such as Armani Exchange, Tristan & Isuelt, and True Religion Brand Jeans, and the Gap. While working in management, I learned that life doesn’t give you a second change to make a first impression. It is with this belief I embarked on a new  journey as the COO of Inaanta Hair International.  My desire for perfection and helping  women explore their beauty and creativeness gives my role a purpose. I love a product that inspires me. I have the ability to share my passion of sales operation so everyone can experience the wow factor of gorgeous luxurious hair.I believe in brand loyalty while having a keen eye on the ever-changing fashion industry and reinventing the way career women can modify their hair by using the best extension. I am a hands-on leader who develops a good rapport with my clients and believe in fostering an excellent working environment that is relaxed but always client focused. I am a dynamic team player who has a passion for fashion. I pride myself on being a fashion-forward thinker who has the best of both worlds in the field that I love – I feel special.,

 Dr. Ronald Chaikin, Founder

I believe in the empowerment of women and celebrating their beauty and strengths.  This philosophy is illuminated in my executive board, which is directed by women.  It is with this passion, and the desire to have every woman celebrate her inner  and outer beauty at various stages of transformation, that the company was founded.I believe in living a healthy and natural lifestyle where everything should originate  from nature. We apply this belief to the hair extensions we produce. Every extension is gathered from an individual source and is luxurious, effortless, and functional.

Live healthy,
Dr. Ronald Chaikin